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Palmer Production Portfolio

Thank you for taking the time to view our photos!


I've been blessed with having a family who is interested in nurturing my passion for photography.  Here are a few shots that help me to express my love in return to them.

Best Friends

Randi and Leah have been great friends since their first ballet class together.  What a joy it was to capture images with two beautiful women on a wonderful sunny day in Oregon.

Flora and Fauna​

I've had the advantage of being able to capture some beautiful images of wildlife around this great nation of ours.  It is always special to see the world through a different set of eyes.

​​Beautiful Friends

The best thing about doing something you love, is the opportunity to reveal to those closest to me how beautiful you know they are. Here are some of those moments, capturing the beauty of my friends.

Wonderful Jordan​

In life you meet people who are kind and loving, who encourage you to move forward in the things you love to do. Thank you Jordan and thank you for sharing your wonderful family with Jason and I. Sophie is so adorable and Will is a terrific one of a kind individual.

Thank you again so much  

Sweet Family

One of the best things about what Jason and I do, is we get to meet individuals who have made lasting impressing on us. We are blessed to have met such a family, Chase, Chantel and precious Rorie, thank you for inviting us to capture the beauty of your family.

So in love

Being engaged is just one of the best feelings and times in a couples life. It is an even better feeling when the couple invites you to create images expressing how that time loos. Thank you so much Shelley for allowing Jason I to celebrate with you in this time of wedding planning and engagement. 

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